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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Another New Milestone…the “Big Bed”!

If your little one has climbed out or attempted…it is time to transition to a “big bed”!  Climbing out of a crib can be a dangerous feat! It must be the season…lots of toddlers heading to their new “big boy” or “big girl” beds.  I have had so many questions lately about how this transition …

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Try a little “green” cleaning!

Make a few changes and clean a little “greener”! I am a self proclaimed clean freak…I like a clean house.  It has been a challenge for me over the years to balance my need for clean and four kids, and I have learned how to “not sweat the small stuff” a little better over the …

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It is not easy being Green…or is it?

Being “green” is a catchword in today’s world.  How “green” is “green”? What can we do to protect our child and the world we live in, but still have the time to enjoy both?   It seems that every day there is a new alert to parents about items to avoid when raising a healthy …

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We need strong Moms…take care of yourself, spread the word about breast cancer prevention!

My 3 strong “little girls”…who show me that they are strong women too!  (Pretty strong son too!) Last night I cheered on a 6th grade girl’s basketball team that our 26-year-old daughter has volunteered to coach.  I was joined by our 21-year-old daughter who is a student teacher for the same girls!  So I watched …

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Add getting a flu shot to your “to do list” today!

Friendly reminder again!  Get your flu shot!!  🙂 Here is your reminder again….it is flu shot time!  If you have gotten your flu shot, good for you!  If not, pick up that phone now and make an appointment.  Flu season has officially started, and we all need to be protected.  Everyone 6 months of age …

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Parenting tips…day three!

  Final tips….add your own to the list! 31.  Respect your child’s likes and dislikes Allow your child to develop their own passions, likes, and dislikes. Provide opportunity for your child to experience many things to discover passions, likes, and dislikes. Your child may not like the same things that you do, and that is …

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More parenting tips….

A few more tips that I found out work over my 26 years and counting of parenting….what are your tips? 16.  You are your child’s parent, not friend You must parent, which means you may not always be liked Making difficult decisions that may cause your child to be unhappy at the moment, is the …

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A few parenting tips….

All of us have a few parenting tips…let’s share them this week! We all know that there is not an “official” parenting tip book…wouldn’t that be nice!!  But, in actuality, it is best for parents to develop their own “parenting book”.  Parenting your child is unique to you and your child.  Develop your parenting instruction …

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