You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Being a parent, is at the top of my Gratitude List….

  I am grateful for my life as a Mom…. I am sitting this morning in the quiet, sipping my coffee, my college  aged son is soundly sleeping upstairs,  all four of our children will be home by Wednesday and the house will be lively.  Life is good.  I am grateful.  This time of year always turns …

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“We always do that!” Why Family Tradition is Important!

Our “traditional” Christmas tree.  A little more “perfectly” decorated than years past….there are ornaments even on the bottom of the tree now! Can you see the beautiful popcorn string on our tree…a Love family tradition! The Christmas tree is decorated.  We have strung our traditional popcorn string from the top of the tree to the …

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Do Parents Need a “Media Diet”?

What are we and our kids missing when we are “plugged in” to a screen rather than each other? I have become connected to my phone….more than I ever would like to admit that I am.  I am a late comer to the smart phone, having mine only since last spring.  In that short amount …

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