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Simple steps to prevent childhood obesity…we can do it!

We all have heard that childhood obesity is a major health issue in our country.  Children who are overweight will be more likely to be overweight adults and develop significant health issues.  We hear so much in the media about what to eat, what not to eat, how to cook, how much exercise we all …

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Protecting your child from bug bites

Protection from ticks and mosquitoes is important for your child! Today is beautiful, and I hope most of you have your children outside at some point!  Children both love and NEED to be outdoors.  Outside activity is an important part of a healthy child’s life, and it helps children get good and tired too!  I …

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Are you anxious about your child’s vaccines?

How anxious are you about vaccinating your child?  How much of your anxiety is rooted in fact? It seems at least weekly I hear questions from parents that are truly anxious about vaccines.  There is so much information for parents to read, and much of it is very scary.  There is a lot of untrue …

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The scoop on baby poop

New parents can have full conversations revolving around baby poop.  The color of the poop, the amount or lack there of, the smell, the consistency and the frequency all can be topics.   Who ever thought that we would talk about baby poop over dinner and actually put our nose up to our darling child’s …

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Childproofing the bedrooms and living areas

You want your child’s bedroom to be a safe place for your child to sleep and the living area of your home where you will spend a great deal of time should be as hazard free as possible.  Removing hazards will allow your child to explore freely and safely.  Vacuum your home often because I …

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How Worried Should Moms Be About the Zika Virus?

The Zika virus is in the news and could be causing severe birth defects in unborn babies…it is carried by mosquitoes in certain tropical countries. There has been much in the news about the Zika virus over the last couple of weeks. I know many Moms have had questions, they wonder if the virus will …

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Tis the season for coughs and colds!

It is the season for runny noses!

It is cold season.  I can’t tell you the number of runny, crusty little noses, coughs, and worried parents I have seen over the last couple of weeks.  I remember the days when my own four kids seemed to have constant runny noses.  The average child has 6 to 10 colds a year that last …

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Better protection from the flu!

Flu shot season is here….and there is even more protection this year! It is hard to believe….but it is that time of year again, flu shot season.  The Katydids have been chirping in the evening (6 weeks till that first frost??), and before we know it flu season will be here.  So, even though we …

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Breaks, Sprains, and Nursemaid Elbow….oh my!

Nursemaid’s elbow is a common toddler injury…and this is one of the most common ways for it to happen! Unfortunately, sometimes childhood comes with broken bones, sprains or the common nursemaid’s elbow injury.  Best treatment for all three is staying calm, immobilizing the area and seeking medical help.  That bubble wrap sounds better and better, …

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It is Summer…and the season for Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand foot and mouth disease is very contagious and often presents with fever, sore throat, mouth sores, and a flat red rash on hands and feet… It is summer! Summer brings wonderful weather, outdoor play, fewer colds and flu; but more cases of hand , foot and mouth disease. Every summer I see cases of this …

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