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Stuttering or stammering…should you worry?

Often toddlers who are excited or hurried will begin to stutter…it often will correct itself over time! I love watching old video movies of our kids.  There little faces are darling, but what I love most are their voices.  Those sweet “little kid” voices…full of excitement, wonder and curiosity.  I can close my eyes and …

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Protecting your child from bug bites

Protection from ticks and mosquitoes is important for your child! Today is beautiful, and I hope most of you have your children outside at some point!  Children both love and NEED to be outdoors.  Outside activity is an important part of a healthy child’s life, and it helps children get good and tired too!  I …

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The scoop on baby poop

New parents can have full conversations revolving around baby poop.  The color of the poop, the amount or lack there of, the smell, the consistency and the frequency all can be topics.   Who ever thought that we would talk about baby poop over dinner and actually put our nose up to our darling child’s …

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Childproofing 101

Staying ahead of kids in order to keep the house safe is no easy task….some days I would have been better off wrapping my four in bubble wrap!   New parents have so much to do!  It seems the “to do” list is never-ending.  At the top of every parent’s “to do” list should be …

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Childproofing the garage….and what about pets?

Prevent accidents when you can, but skinned knees are part of childhood…be ready with a first aid kit!  The nicer weather has all of us outside.  Most of us keep balls, sports equipment, bikes and other items in the garage that our children will be using.  We also have lawn tools, fertilizers, mowers, and other …

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Tis the season for coughs and colds!

It is the season for runny noses!

It is cold season.  I can’t tell you the number of runny, crusty little noses, coughs, and worried parents I have seen over the last couple of weeks.  I remember the days when my own four kids seemed to have constant runny noses.  The average child has 6 to 10 colds a year that last …

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Better protection from the flu!

Flu shot season is here….and there is even more protection this year! It is hard to believe….but it is that time of year again, flu shot season.  The Katydids have been chirping in the evening (6 weeks till that first frost??), and before we know it flu season will be here.  So, even though we …

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Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Our daughter Kelsey loving her solid foods!  She was needing a dunk in the tub after this meal! I can remember the excitement of introducing the kids to their first tastes of “real food”.  The camera was ready, they were sitting up and eager, and that first bite often resulted in the funniest look as …

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Milk…it does the body good….in the right amount!

Milk…it does the body good, in the right amount!  16 oz a day is what your young child needs! When your child is an infant, you are asked how nursing is progressing, how many times a day your baby nurses, or how many ounces of formula a day your baby drinks.  Your baby’s main nutrition …

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Is white rice cereal the best choice for baby’s first food?

Should your baby have rice cereal as his first solid food? Introducing solid foods is an exciting milestone for most parents.  Traditionally that first meal usually was an iron fortified white rice cereal.  That no longer may be the best choice for your baby!  White rice cereal has very little nutritional value, except for the iron …

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